Satellite Dish Heater Kit

In many areas, satellite dishes can easily accumulate ice and snow on the reflector of the satellite dish. This build-up can dramatically inhibit or reduce the proper functionality of the dish to receive and deliver the DIRECTV satellite signal to the satellite receivers on site. The CT-SLMHEATER-2 is a dish heater kit for DIRECTV 5 satellite Slimline dish. The unit has a built-in thermostatic sensor that activates the heating element in freezing conditions and turns off when the surface area is sufficiently heated. This product should only be installed by certified DIRECTV satellite televisions installers.
  • Safe low-voltage 26 VDC heater
  • Purchase includes heater blanket, power supply, and
  • 100 ft of 16AWG/2C stranded wire
  • Heating blanket silver color finish, made of durable vinyl
  • 3M Acrylic adhesive assures a tight bond to the antenna

This Kit contains 1 x CT-SLMHTR-2ELE - Dish Heater Element, and 1 x CT-SLMHTR-2PS - Dish Heater Element Power Supply