1 GHz drop amplifier with 24 dB forward gain and active return

30 dB Gain commercial amplifier, 550 MHz with slope and gain controls, wall mountable.

Commercial grade indoor distribution amplifier, 54-870 MHz forward gain of 30 dB, 5-42 MHz reverse gain of 20 dB, forward path slope and gain controls with separate reverse path gain control

The CTA-30A amplifier was designed for light commercial and residential applications with 30 dB of forward gain across a bandwidth of 54 - 1,000 MHz and a passive return path from 5 to 42 MHz. This amplifier was designed for the indoor amplification of CATV signals as well as UHF/VHF signals. The output of the CTA-30A is easily adjusted using the front panel gain control with 10 dB of gain control range. This unit also features a switchable FM trap to block or pass FM signals in the 95-108 MHz range.

Rack mountable commercial distribution amplifier, 30 dB gain forward, 1,000 MHz frequency range

Commercial rack mountable amplifier, 30 dB gain, 550 MHz, with slope and gain controls

Commercial grade indoor distribution amplifier, 54-1,000 MHz forward gain of 34 dB, 5-42 MHz passive reverse path, forward path slope and gain controls, input and output test ports

1 GHz drop amplifier with active return path, 15 dB forward gain

1 GHz drop amplifier with passive return, 15 dB Gain

1 GHz drop amplifier with two outputs and passive return path

1 x 4 Component video and audio amplifier. Supports 480i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p resolutions and can be cascaded to provide more outputs.

The DA-71HP has been designed to distribute a single composite video source with left and right audio to up to seven viewing locations while maintaining the original signal strength after distribution. The DA-71HP can be looped, cascaded or put in tandem without loss of audio/video signals.