Cat5e Modular plug, 8 pin, 8 position

Cat6 Modular plug, 8 pin, 8 position

One piece hex crimp style RG-11 F Connector

Hex crimp style RG-6 fittings with attached ring

The CT-RG11CF is an RG11 compression F connector designed for use with RG11 coaxial cable and is commonly used for high-frequency and high-bandwidth applications, such as in cable television (CATV) and satellite TV installations, as well as long-distance video signal transmission. When the CT-RG11CF connector is correctly compression-crimped, it provides a secure and reliable connection. It forms a tight (360-degree) seal that effectively prevents moisture and potential RF interference from entering the cable. This ensures optimal signal quality and minimizes signal loss or degradation caused by external factors.

By using the CT-RG11CF compression crimp connector, the integrity of the cabling system is maintained, and the risk of signal interference or damage due to moisture infiltration is significantly reduced. This connector is an essential component in ensuring the reliable transmission of high-frequency signals over RG-11 cables.

Compatible with CT-CCT-BFR2 & CPLCCT-S59-11
  • For RG-11 plenum-rated connector equivalent, review item FS11PL
  • For RG-11 quad shield compression connector review item EX11N716PLUS
  • For RG-11 wire stripping tools, review 15018C, 15020C, or PS-11
  • Customers requiring plenum rated (CMP) RG-11 cable can review the RG11UP-* product family.

RG59 F Compression Connector

RG59 F Compression Connector - 100/pk Single Piece Weight: 0.018 lbs (8.25 g) 100/pk Weight: 1.81 lbs (825 g) Single Piece Dims: Φ0.425" x 1.09" (Φ10.8 x 27.9 mm) 100/pk Dims: 6.49" x 7.28" (16.5 x 18.5 cm)

Radial style smooth silver RG-6 F connector with rubber O-ring

Solid brass connector for RG-59. Guaranteed not to crack