North American Cable Equipment, Inc. Announces..
December 11, 2006

For Release December 11, 2006 For further information contact:

Kirk Davies @ 1-800-688-9282

North American Cable Equipment, Inc. Announces

Cabletronix CTDM-860 Agile Audio/Video Micro Demodulator

DECEMBER 11, 2006 West Chester, PA North American Cable Equipment, Inc. (NACE) announced today the Cabletronix CTDM-860 agile audio/video micro demodulator for CATV and satellite TV headend audio/video processing. The CTDM-860 is a professional quality, fully agile micro demodulator providing an audio and video output from any CATV channel from 2 to 135, or any Off-Air channel from 2 to 69 in the 54MHz to 860MHz frequency range.

Designed for commercial grade headend systems, the CTDM-860 provides cable and satellite TV system operators the engineering ease and flexibility associated with new headend deployments, existing headend upgrades, and system maintenance. These fully agile demodulators allow the rapid creation of channel lineups and faster channel reassignments.