Cabletronix Announces the CTADM-806a
December 19, 2005

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Cabletronix Announces the CTADM-806a

Rack Mount Agile Audio/Video Demodulator


December 16, 2005 – West Chester, PA – Cabletronix, a division of North American Cable Equipment, Inc. (NACE), announced today the CTADM-806a fully agile audio/video demodulator for commercial grade headends. The CTADM-806a is a 19” rack mountable demodulator providing an audio and video output from any CATV channel from 2 to 125, or any Off-Air channel from 2 to 69 in the 54 to 806 MHz frequency range.


The CTADM-806a employs highly stable synthesized frequency control.  Setup and tuning are easy and straightforward taking advantage of the unit’s front panel access to all level controls and indicators.  Non-volatile memory is used to maintain channel selection in the event of power loss.  Other features include a dedicated I.F. output port for monitoring the status of a tuner and/or interfacing with up converters, a composite multiplex output for stereo applications, SAW filtering, keyed AGC, and quadrature audio detection.