Cabletronix 1 GHz Multi-Media Drop Amplifiers
December 09, 2005

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December 9, 2005West Chester, PA – North American Cable Equipment, Inc. (NACE) announced today the Cabletronix family of multi-media drop amplifiers for residential applications.  These include the CTHDA-1P with a single input, single output and 15 dB forward gain with passive return; the CTHDA-2P with single input, two outputs, 10 dB forward gain with passive return; the CTHDA-1A with single input, single output, 15 dB forward gain, and 10 dB reverse gain; and the CT-BDA24 with single input, single output, 24 dB forward gain, 12 dB reverse gain with adjustable gain control and a switchable FM trap. Each amplifier supports a forward path frequency range of 54 to 1,000 MHz, and a reverse path frequency range of 5 to 42 MHz.  All units have competitive noise figure and return loss specs.  

The CTHDA-1P, 2P, and 1A and the CTBDA-24 are wall mountable and intended for use in CATV systems requiring two-way multi-media networking.  They feature high isolation between ports, 6KV surge protection on all ports, electrostatic discharge protection, and zinc die cast housing to prevent RFI.  The CTBDA-24 provides adjustable forward gain control and an FM trap.  All amplifiers can be remotely powered over coax, line powered through an RF port, or externally powered through a “power-in” port.

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