CT-AHP Agile Heterodyne Processor
October 02, 2003

For Release September 2, 2003
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Cabletronix Announces the CT-AHP Agile Heterodyne Processor

September 2, 2003 – West Chester, PA – Cabletronix, a division of North American Cable Equipment, Inc. (NACE), announced today the CT-AHP fully agile heterodyne processor for commercial grade headends. The CT-AHP is capable of converting any channel in the 54 to 806 MHz range to any CATV channel from 2 to 125, or any Off-Air channel from 2 to 69. Although the input is normally Off-Air channels, the CT-AHP can support any single channel source. The CT-AHP employs highly stable synthesized frequency control. Setup and tuning are easy and straightforward taking advantage of the unit’s front panel access to all level controls and indicators. Channel frequency information with FCC offsets is programmed into each unit at the factory. Non-volatile memory maintains channel selection in event of power loss. The CT-AHP is an excellent choice where BTSC stereo signals must be preserved when processing Off-Air signals. Employing the latest low noise AGC, PLL and SAW filter technologies, the CT-AHP reproduces high quality signals while maintaining excellent carrier-to-noise, spurious output, and return loss figures. The CT-AHP meets or exceeds government regulatory requirements including FCC Docket 21006 aeronautical offset requirements. Designed for commercial grade headend systems, the CT-AHP provides cable operators the engineering ease and flexibility associated with new headend deployments, existing headend upgrades, and system maintenance. These fully agile heterodyne processors allow for the rapid creation of channel line-ups, faster channel reassignments, and quicker replacement of failed equipment over traditional fixed frequency devices. The CT-AHP is fully compatible with Cabletronix’s CTRC-12 rack chassis and CTPS-12 power supply and 3rd party micro-modulator power supplies and/or chassis. According to Aaron Starr, Cabletronix / NACE founder and president, “This agile heterodyne processor is a highly innovative product with a price-performance breakthrough that commands value over both traditional fixed frequency and full size agile processors found in today’s market. This professional quality agile processor is simple to install and easy to maintain. Its ability to maintain stereo signals is a significant advantage where stereo program content is provided. The CT-AHP’s full frequency agility greatly aids rapid headend installation while minimizing spare parts inventory costs associated with fixed frequency devices.” North American Cable Equipment, Inc. founded in 1992 with headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania and sales and distribution facilities in Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, and Nevada is a leading supplier and specialist in Cable and Satellite television processing and distribution technologies. Cabletronix is the company’s family of residential and commercial-grade modulators, demodulators, launch amplifiers, power supplies, and multiswitches.