The CT-HDIPSS HD IP Streamer allows the user to stream any one audio/video source over a IP Network to multiple Smart HDTV's or connected computers within the IP Network and is compatible with DRE Plus managed systems. The IP Streamer accepts a HDMI, Component, or Composite video input and the unit is designed to deliver a rich HD/SD Streaming experience for its users deploying MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 standards. The CT-HDIPSS Streaming server enables high-definition streaming with resolutions up to 1080p, providing a high quality viewing experience for your customer. The unit is MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 switchable and supports UDP/RTP Streaming. The compact design saves space and is easily controlled via a web UI for rapid deployment.

3 Foot IR Pass Through Cables For DIRECTV H25 Satellite Receivers, 3.5mm to RJ12

6 Foot IR Pass Through Cables For DIRECTV H25 Satellite Receivers, 3.5mm to RJ12

6 Foot IR Target Cable For DIRECTV H25 Satellite Receivers, 3.5mm to IR Target

DRE Management Control Server Software on a laptop. Limited for use in the following applications: Dealer labs. Perfect for mirroring what a property is seeing and guiding them through support calls. On site demonstrations. A useful tool to help a property understand the advantages of a managed system. Not suitable for use as a permanent Management Control Server at a property.

Security screw tool for RC50 remote controls

USB to Serial converter for Managed DRE systems. Used for updating Alcatel IDF and MDF switches from a laptop without an RJ45 connection.